Education and Sociology

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Sociological science has a direct influence on many facets of our lives. Actually all other sciences are directly related to sociology because every science is developed by people and for people.

In the field of education sociology plays an important role as peer teachers and students leading to success rates in education. So the contribution that sociology has to make to the practical activities of educating teachers will be considered in this discussion, as a steering point. What we have today are disjointed courses dealing with the burning problem of the day, and concerns with problems that teachers might be able to solve even without undergoing comprehensive teacher education.

How does education relate to sociology?

While designing teacher education programs, it is necessary to develop a sociology of education that will be of value to teachers both inside and outside the classroom. This is because a teacher who is well taught in the sociological aspect of education has a broader perspective, perception, and consideration of cultural issues that affect his work. Teachers play an important role in this reproductive process. Because many teachers base their assessment of students on their students’ social class, they therefore perpetuate inequality. Teachers have a social class origin influencing their perceptions and treatment of students.

When a teacher tries to understand the relationship between social class and educational achievement, she must combine psychological and sociological perspectives regarding her perception of the problem, in order to be able to make well-guided inferences about her learners.

Educational Sociology

Our teacher education programs must enable teachers to reflect reflectively on exploiting the cultural differences of learners, and their implications for the teaching and learning process. With equal opportunities available at the school level, students should be made by the teacher reflective so that students understand that he or she stands an equal opportunity whit them from doing well to family.

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