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The moment you enter the premises of the school, you will be greeted with lots of subjects and one integral subject is Social Studies or commonly known as Civics. Well, this one is pretty extensive and demanding yet essential and useful.

What is Social Studies?

social studies
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What is Social Studies

Social studies covers a wide range of topics that includes economics, geography, law, archaeology, law, political science, religion and so much more. These factors make social studies quite extensive. But to make it short, social studies is an integrated study that relates to social sciences as well as content from humanities.


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Let’s turn back time

Without a doubt, history plays an imperative part in social studies. One is plain ignorant if he doesn’t know anything about the pastㅡ the past the molds the current and the future. The context of social studies makes it easier to learn and appreciate the present society. With history, you can simply connect the dots, from the past to the current.  History lessons provide handy knowledge like that of historical role models like Ferdinand Magellan, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, and Leonardo Da Vinci. These notable individuals excel in different fields, and you can only appreciate them fully if you take time to know them.

Current Events and News

Current Events and News
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What’s on the news?

Probably there’s only one subject in school that largely spares time to discuss the crucial current event of the world. And yes, it’s social studies. Having an allocated period to talk about the everyday happenings makes education more fulfilling. There are lots of critical things that are happening with the world, with other countries, with the government and with the people surrounding you. Social studies allows careful deliberation of important discussions like presidential elections, gender equality, cultural races, and more.


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Who discovered who?

Do you know some of the world’s famous navigators and explorers? If you don’t, then you might need to revisit your social studies notes during high school. Distinguished names like James Cook, Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan and David Livingstone are just some of the most famous explorers of the world, which we are forever grateful. These people are responsible for teaching us the importance of geography along with other facets of social studies.

Social Engagement

Social Engagement
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Comprehensive discussions at its best

The world is full of debatable discussions that can only be addressed if you have some background of the past and current events. And that’s when the significance of social studies kicks in. Social analysis is one of the highest and most intriguing aspects of social studies as it requires comprehensive discussion and evaluationㅡ whether you are talking about race, gender, and class in a society. This way, students are given the chance to partake the mechanisms of social system, the equality and inequality of a certain community, and the different perspectives of critical thinkers.

Interdisciplinary Opportunity

Interdisciplinary Opportunity
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The all in one subject

The greatest thing that makes social studies a standout among other subjects in school is the interdisciplinary opportunity it gives to the students. It involves, not just one field of study, but rather several academic disciplines that provide numerous avenues for knowledge acquisition.