Interesting Youtube Channels for Social Studies

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As Youtube is a vast powerful resource for information-searching, learning everything you want is a rewardingly endless road. But finding the right Youtube channels that deal with Social Studies shouldn’t take too long. Here, a gathered list of Youtube channels for your discovery is compiled to begin your valuable learning with just one click away!


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Spreading informative lessons

Anyone who has used Youtube must probably have heard of TED-Ed. Youtube brings you to a lot of places, and if you’re curious enough, you know just where the right ones stick around. TED-Ed offers you a range of interesting ideas to fill your thirst of knowledge. With more than a million subscribers, this channel definitely gives you a lot more than you would expect. Your days of learning are totally endless as it’s packed up with many educational videos. TED-Ed is downright committed in sharing great lessons through masterfully curated educational videos. TED-Ed is one proof of how Youtube videos are greatly useful.

Hip Hughes History

This channel is what a history enthusiast would love to discover while staying on Youtube. Hip Hughes History is designed to enrich minds of interested species about the thinnest slices of history. The channel’s educational videos aim to give explanations on the slightest details, primarily directed on US History to World History and across general interest, through upbeat and personable lectures. As the channel’s constant reminder goes, “Where attention goes, energy flows” – Hip Hughes History is a perfect place for someone who’s into Social Studies, ideally intended for learners of all scope.


Questions like, “What if Germany Won WWI?”, “What if Cars Never Existed?”, “What if Ice Age Never Ended?” will definitely spark your curiosity. Stimulated just yet? AlternateHistoryHub plans to give you just more. As the channel claims, it’s a whole doorstep dedicated towards answering the bounteous “What Ifs” in the world. Through extensive knowledge of mixed geography, historical facts and population, interesting predictions are laid out in detail. It’s basically one of the most unique and thought-provoking channels you can access in Youtube with diligent subscribers expanding to more than 1 million.

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture
Source: Youtube

Intellectual drive on arts and culture

There are several exciting ways to feed your curiosity, and visiting Google Arts and Culture channel goes on the upper lists of choices you can have. Do yourself a favor and retain your curiosity fueled through captivatingly interesting videos that run from art, history up to virtual reality. Its videos include discussions on the hidden symbolism of renaissance staircases, the biggest painting of the Louvre Museum, the real meaning of wearing ripped jeans and the mistresses of Louis XV at the Palace of Versailles. You can also make use of Google’s virtual reality in order to view species like Rhomaleosaurus and Giraffatitan, which is fascinatingly the closest you can get in teleporting towards London’s Natural History Museum.

That was History

Interested to learn about major history facts but can’t find the channel to satiate your interests? Search no more and take a good ride of That Was History videos. Here, your inquiries about history will not remain as inquiries, as they will set down all the historical content you need. From historical trivia to current events, up to politics, learning is set out in an amusing and informative way. It provides various series as well as top lists, which are intended to rank historical happenings of the world.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy
Source: Do Space

For compact comprehensibility

Khan Academy’s mission is simple: to give everyone a world-class education that is accessible anywhere on Earth. This channel is, without a doubt, a no-nonsense place for learning that offers extensively detailed discussions on mainly biology and physics, and also on history, politics, society and religion. No hiding around the bushes, no gibbering – Khan Academy provides you a solidly useful quality education through Youtube, which is being applied daily by learners across the globe.


Source: The Plaid Zebra

Comprehensive engaging channel

Want to know the channel where you can find tons of different, engaging courses all in one place? Then, it’s high time to introduce your mind into this remarkably inclusive channel. Want to learn more about Sociology? CrashCourse’s Nicole Sweeney will get your learning delight covered. Is film history a part of your interests? Then Craig Benzine will be happy to teach you. Got questions on Mythology? Mike Rugnetta is here to save your day. Or having trouble understanding Computer Science? Carrie Anne Philbin of CrashCourse will make it easily fun for you.  Practically, you don’t need to go any farther once you find CrashCourse.

Second Thought

“What Would Colonizing Venus Look Like?” “How could we survive a Zombie Apocalypse?” “Are there Other Universes All Around Us?” “What’s the Weirdest Thing to Ever Fall from the Sky?” Well, these are just some of the intriguing thoughts you’ll soon find yourself contemplating once you spend a day watching this channel’s videos. Second Thought explores the stirring things that go unusually talked about. It’s an absorbing splash of religion, science, politics, history and everything down to the most thought-provoking things you’ll think of. This channel only took arrival on Youtube last 2016 but it’s already gaining a magnet of fascinating views.

The National Geographic Kids

The National Geographic Kids
Source: National Geographic

Exciting destination for discovery

Now, anybody who hasn’t heard about National Geographic might be living inside a cave. But if you haven’t encountered this exciting channel, it’s time you pay a visit. Apparently, this channel doesn’t need too much introduction. The National Geographic Kids is a stirring avenue of learning about science, animals, pets and practically more. Videos range from different topics for inquisitive kids to divulge in. Discover, laugh, learn and experience the best of what Youtube offers by taking a good click of the channel. And there, you can start your learning-watching spree.

Mr.Beats Social Studies Channel

If listening to your History teacher bores you out or if rummaging through long chapters of your history book stresses the sweat out of you, clicking Mr.Beats Social Studies Channel is a splendid idea to get you hooked with the magic of history. The easy-going Mr. Beat makes sure learning history will keep you engaged and enjoyed at the same time. Some of his videos are spiced up through music along with Ken Burns-style videos, so transmission of lucid historical ideas is always in a fun and stimulating mood.