Influential Figures of Social Studies

Prominent names have gone past through history and have left an important mark in the society. Each of these individual are memorable for their sensational achievements that are recognized by society and remain to thrive through time. Paul Revere Revere’s straightforward gaze He is best remembered for his infamous midnight ride in 1775 when he Read More

Excellent Apps for Social Studies Enthusiasts

Probably among the most stimulating fields around, Social Studies is a boundless gateway in learning more about the world and its diverse creatures. From history, economics, philosophy, anthropology, political science, religion, archaeology, jurisprudence, geography, sociology to psychology – it’s a broad and fascinating world. A lot of exciting apps offer various educational gaming and teaching Read More

Interesting Youtube Channels for Social Studies

As Youtube is a vast powerful resource for information-searching, learning everything you want is a rewardingly endless road. But finding the right Youtube channels that deal with Social Studies shouldn’t take too long. Here, a gathered list of Youtube channels for your discovery is compiled to begin your valuable learning with just one click away! Read More